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About Señor Geens

I love to brand a Business-identity from scratch together with the website. My focus is therefore on start-ups, primarily on restaurants and bars without limiting myself to these, I have references in a variety of other sectors as well.

My style varies towards the needs of the customer. I don’t make the design alone, we make it together. This collaborative way of working is very appreciated by my customers and is one of my key differentiators in the market.

A very important part of creating something beautiful is to create a good, social and relax communication between me and you. To make something great, it’s crucial to clearly state your needs. You must feel each other’s goals and aspirations and that is why I prefer a non-formal environment. Yet, still in a professional way of course.

Currently I also provide a social media service. We take over your social media, we make you look active & attractive in order to sell your product more.
Do you want to be more on the social market, but you don’t have time for it?⁠

With an equal measure of mind, heart and creative insight, I love crafting unique business identities.
I deliver variating attractive and qualitative designs, which are only limited by your imagination.
Translating design into a functional website & web shop to empower your business services online.
Social media
We offer a social media managing service. You will be trendy active and easy to sell your product.

Latest projects

Señor Geens offers variating projects. Yes, I suits for your style.

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